About FAUJI Consultant!

Fauji Consultant was founded as an Independent Registered Investment Advisory firm specializing in helping Defence Personnel, their families and friends to invest for their long-term financial goals. We offer comprehensive, unbiased, and customized solutions focused on helping our clients protect and grow their wealth. At Fauji Consultant we understand the need of hour and our team of experts are dedicated to see that the financial objectives are met for each and everyone. It is our customized approach toward portfolio design that distinguishes us from our peers. Since each client’s financial goals are unique, shouldn’t their solutions reflect that reality?

We remain ever grateful for our clients and humbled by their continued confidence in us. We welcome you to explore who we are, why our clients are ecstatic with the results we provide, our core values, and the services we offer.

We invite you to begin this journey towards financial peace with us at Fauji Consultant.

Our Mission

Free is costly

“At Fauji Consultant, our mission is to ensure that all Faujis become financially literate and execute investments in Direct Plans of Mutual Funds thus saving on trailing commissions year after year.”