Plan CoverageSystematic Investment Plans (SIP)One Time Investment AdvisoryDirect Investment in Equity
Services Covered
KYC Registration
Common Account Opening for Direct Plan transactions in 28 AMCs
Investment on Direct Plan Options (Save Brokerage Costs Every Year)
Goal based Investment Planning
Risk Tolerance Evaluation
Tailor-Made Investment Set
Quarterly Comprehensive Investment Statement
Account Statements on Demand
Investment evaluation on completion of 1 year
Rebalancing Advice & Execution (Chargeable)

Trading & Demat Account Opening (Lowest Brokerage Cost)

Investment in Direct Equity (Shares and Derivatives)

Initial Charges (Annual) 10,000 10,000 + 0.40% of Corpus2.00% of Corpus
Rebalancing Charges (Annual) 5,000
5,000 + 0.20% of Corpus
1.00% of Corpus

Terms & Conditions
1. Corpus means the amount of money invested initially and the fee would be charged on the basis of initial investment and does not
stand to reduce if Investment amount is reduced during the year.
2. If additional amount is added during the year the fee would be calculated on the respective plan for the whole year
3. Any service other than stated above shall be chargeable on customized basis

Why Fauji Consultant ?

  1. We are Registered Investment Advisors (RIA) by SEBI.
  2. We are not Agents or Brokers and hence we work for our clients.
  3. We invest your money ONLY through ’Direct’ Plans, hence saving a big cost (%) annually.
  4. We understand every individual is unique, so their solutions.
  5. Our solutions are facilitated by our in-house research unit.
  6. There are no free lunches, so we charge a nominal fee.