We believe, none reserve the right to lead a comfortable retired life more than the armed forces personnel. A fauji, who spends 30-35 years in toughest of conditions selflessly to protect the nation, deserves the best post-retirement.

Our team at Fauji Consultant aims to provide befitting Retirement Planning solutions for each investor. We always suggest to start early in planning for your retirement. Probably between 28-30 years of age, where you allow your money to compound and grow in the next 30 years. For ex: ₹10,000 invested on a monthly-basis if grows at 12% annually for 30 years reaps you approximately ₹3Cr. So, ₹ 36,00,000 invested capital appreciates by around 2.69crores to become 3.05 crores in 30 years.

For those who start late, importance of managing the funds efficiently to realize retirement planning goals increases manifold. Taking more risks to accumulate same return as early starters may result in further depleting of funds. Hence, it is important for investors to tread the path with care and caution.